Chris Harris has always been brutally honest by not shying away from saying what he really thinks. This kind of behavior typically gets motoring journalists in trouble with automakers, but the Top Gear host remains determined to speak whatever is on his mind. The 46-year-old TV presenter was temporarily banned from reviewing Ferraris and Lamborghinis after writing a couple of reviews in the first half of the 2010s. He eventually reconciled with the two Italian exotic marques.

In a new interview with Top Gear magazine’s Jack Rix, the Porsche fan talked about proper off-roaders and how driving them on the streets is a “waste of energy” and the driver is a “knob.” As far as SUVs are concerned, Harris is generally against them and went as far as to say the BMW X6 is a “pox on humanity.”

If you’re unfamiliar with this British expression, it’s archaic and originates from the desire that someone develops smallpox or chickenpox. It now figuratively means “curse,” so suffice it to say, he is not keen on BMW’s largest Sports Activity Coupe as it’s officially categorized. He argues the original E71 model launched in 2008 started the trend of SUVs beaten with the coupe stick. On that note, Harris believes Ferdinand Porsche would be turning in his grave at the idea of a Cayenne Coupe.

Another model belonging to the BMW Group was heavily criticized by the renowned car journalist. Interestingly, it’s not the first time Harris says the Rolls-Royce Cullinan looks like a Chinese knockoff of itself. He is “lucky” to rarely see one where he lives, adding it’s “just an awful looking thing.” Harris went on to say it represents the car equivalent of driving to a gas station during a fuel crisis and seeing two drivers punching each other. “That’s a bad advert for our species.”

It’s not all negative since he enjoys the Jeep Wrangler and Ford Bronco, along with the latest-generation Land Rover Defender in the right spec. In addition, he is tempted to buy a Mercedes G-Class and hopes the BMW-powered Ineos Grenadier will succeed.

[Source: Top Gear / YouTube]