The BMW M2 CS is one of the very best cars BMW’s made this century. It’s so much better to drive than almost every other M car in recent memory, with only the M5 CS being more exciting. The only problem I had when I drove the M2 CS for a few days was the fact that I didn’t have anywhere to properly drive it, nor the skill to truly push it to its limits.

Chris Harris has both of those things and, even better yet, he actually owns an M2 CS. In this new video from Collecting Cars, a car auction site that he co-owns, he shows off his new BMW M2 CS at the Llandow Circuit, sliding it about like he normally does.

Harris’ M2 CS is slightly modified and it’s all the better for it. For starters, he wrapped it in Irish Green, which works really well with its gold wheels. He then gave it an Akrapovic exhaust and a new set of Bilstein adjustable coilovers that work with the adaptive damper settings in the car. According to Harris, the Bilstein setup is well worth it, as it really improves the ride quality, both in its comfort setting over bumpy roads and in its stiffest settings on track.

But the BMW M2 CS is brilliant even without those goodies and Harris seems to have a great time hooning it around. What’s interesting is hearing him talk about the contrast between his M2 CS and his Porsche 911 GT3 Touring. The differences in how BMW M does a CS interior and how Porsche does a GT3 interior. Additionally, he talks about the steering of the M2 CS and how it’s not as good as the 1 Series M’s, a car which also owned.

Overall, though, the M2 CS is a fantastic car and one that deserves to be driven the way Harris drives his in this video.