Big and heavy, the BMW M5 is far from being the best track car. Even the CS with its extra power and lower weight is still a luxury sedan at the end of the day. While it’s virtually impossible to make an M5 as nimble as an M2, that’s not stopping owners of the super saloon from trashing them around a circuit. Case in point, this Competition version in the LCI guise was recently put through its paces on the Nürburgring.

Mind you, its twin-turbo V8 engine is far from stock as the S63 has been massaged to unlock 850 horsepower. Torque is just as impressive considering the 4.4-liter unit now pushes out 1,000 Nm (738 lb-ft). Fun fact – the torque is electronically limited, likely to preserve the gearbox’s reliability. Putting those numbers to the test, the owner took his M5 Competition to the Nordschleife and pushed it really hard.

The M5 Competition Was On Its Way To 300 KM/H, But Traffic Got In The Way

The high-performance sedan hit 174 mph (280 km/h) at one point, with more speed to spare. The driver had to slow down because there was a much slower car in front of him. Coincidentally, it was another BMW, an older 3 Series from the E36 era. More impressive than the high speed is how the M5 Competition accelerates. The engine seemingly has endless resources at any given moment. As for the eight-speed, torque-converter automatic transmission, it shifts gears in the blink of an eye.

You can easily tell the driver knows what he’s doing as the Nürburgring lap was done with the DSC off. He seems to be in control (and quite relaxed) at all times, mastering a car that could probably move mountains with its colossal amount of torque. It’s refreshing to see an M5 being driven at full tilt, especially on such a challenging circuit while having to deal with other cars.

It’s still a 5 Series at its core, meaning it has the practicality you would expect from an upper-class BMW. At the same time, it just so happens to be a four-door supercar, one with massaging seats and a Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The only way to make it even better is by bringing back the M5 Touring, but it’s just wishful thinking on our part.

Source: Misha Charoudin / YouTube