To say we’re giddy with excitement to see the M3 Touring would be quite the understatement, especially with BMW hyping up the hot wagon. Yet another episode of the teaser campaign is the most comprehensive to date, stretching at 10 minutes to demonstrate the AMG C63 Estate rival will be a true M car.

The highlighted prototype is a fully camouflaged test car that started out in life as a normal 3 Series Touring. Everything in the front half of the vehicle was removed to make room for the M3-derived goodies. Chief of which was the “fabulous” S58 engine, joined by the xDrive setup to reiterate the long-roof M3 will be an AWD-only affair.

BMW’s engineers had to widen the front fenders to fit the M3’s beefier axle and the 275/35 ZR19 tires on M wheels backed by ceramic brakes. Needless to say, the rear fenders had to be widened as well and they now accommodate 285 mm rubber. While the quad exhaust system should be familiar to BMW fans, the roof-mounted spoiler is new. It’s more than just for show as it serves a functional purpose by boosting downforce.

The First-Ever M3 Touring Is Finally Happening

Switching from the sedan to the wagon body style came with a decrease in stiffness, but BMW fixed that. The springs, dampers, and anti-roll bar setup were fine-tuned not just at the rear, but also at the front axle. For example, there are significantly higher spring rates at the back where the damper has been revamped.

Because the M3 Touring’s weight distribution is different, BMW adjusted the adaptive dampers, steering, ABS, and DSC. The video is a good opportunity to understand why developing a wagon version is not as easy as it may seem. The company admits the more practical body style “has one or two perceived disadvantages” compared to the sedan or coupe. However, it has negated those downsides through special spring and damper tuning.

Don’t be confused by the prototype’s infotainment because the car will be based on the 3 Series LCI. The iDrive 8 has already debuted on the 3er, but only in China for the fully electric i3 Sedan. As for the speedy wagon, its premiere should take place in the coming months. In the meantime, a future teaser video will show fast family hauler tackling the Nürburgring.

Source: BMW M / YouTube