With BMW Deutschland already showing the i7 in the configurator, we figured it’s worth taking a look at the options available for the electric sedan. The first 7 Series without a combustion engine has a long list of standard equipment, so the extras aren’t that plentiful. However, there are a few goodies that stand out, chief of which is the 31.3-inch Theatre Screen.

It costs €4,750 in Germany, and while the US configurator is not available yet, we do know the ultra-wide display will set you back $4,750. It comes bundled with Amazon Fire TV and offers razor-sharp 8K resolution along with support for 16:9, 21:9, and 32:9 formats. While it’s a touchscreen, it can alternatively be controlled through those nifty 5.5-inch displays embedded in the door cards.

Moving on to a more attainable option, the Sky Lounge Panoramic Glass Roof costs €950 and comes along with a backlit pattern using numerous LEDs. It’s the first BMW to get this feature, which allows people relaxing on those comfy rear seats to change the color much like they would do with ambient lighting. Needless to say, it looks better at night.

As for the crystal glass elements, these are €850 and give the cabin a more sophisticated look. BMW uses the special finish for the seat controls on the door cards, the iDrive knob, and the volume control. In addition, the i7 equipped with the “Crystal Clarity” option has the start/stop button and gear selector also with crystals.

There are several leather upholstery choices, including fancy Individual options that cost as much as €11,400. That’s how much the company is charging for Merino leather/cashmere wool in Smoke White/Light Grey. Also taken from the BMW Individual catalog is the open-pore Ash Gray wood trim.

Stepping outside of the i7, the fullsize electric sedan can be fitted with the Crystal Spotlight. It is marketing speak for daytime running lights with four crystals on each side for a cool €2,100. BMW argues they’re more than just for show as these DRLs make the car more visible.

Alloy wheel designs in sizes from 19 to 21 inches are available, with the most expensive ones available for €3,750. As previously reported, the priciest option is the Individual two-tone body finish for a hefty €12,000.

Max out the German configurator and you’ll end up with a final price tag of approximately €190,000. It can only mean next year’s M70 will likely cost over €200,000 in the fully loaded guise.

Meanwhile, you can play with the configurator at the link below. It only works for the i7 as the 7 Series is only customizable in a visualizer, without pricing details.

Source: BMW