In a drag race between the M4 G82 and Audi RS5 Coupe, we know who is going to win. It’s especially true if the BMW happens to have xDrive as it’s the case here. It shaves off 0.4s from the sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) than the RWD model, thus completing the task in 3.5s.

Daniel Abt whose family owns the famous tuning company lined up the two German high-performance coupes for a drag race. The M4 xDrive is the automotive equivalent of a cheetah, so its rival from Ingolstadt doesn’t stand a chance. The question is – how big of a gap is there between the two?

Well, even though it was slow off the line due to the driver’s poor reaction, the BMW still managed to complete the quarter mile first. It needed 11.14 seconds and had a trap speed of 201 km/h (125 mph) whereas the Audi crossed the finish line in 11.61s at 191 km/h (118 mph).

The acceleration times reveal everything you need to know about the performance discrepancy. The M4 reached 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill in 3.27s and 124 mph (200 km/h) in 7.73s. As for the RS5, the model carrying the Four Rings was substantially slower since it did the two sprints in 3.51s and 9.31s, respectively.

In the subsequent duel, the M4 xDrive and RS5 raced to the half-mile (800-meter) point. This time around, the BMW had a better launch and effortlessly took the win. In the third showdown, the Audi had a perfect start and managed to take the lead, but only temporarily. It was another clear win for the S58-powered car.

The RS5 did manage to triumph in the rolling race, but only because the driver made a mistake shifting gears. It’s clear the Audi could use a more potent variant, but that’s unlikely to happen since the current-generation model is approaching the end of its life cycle. Its replacement will be a substantially different car considering it has been confirmed to switch to a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Source: Daniel Abt / YouTube