BMW M4 xDrive

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BMW M4 xDrive Hits 60 MPH in 2.8 Seconds

BMW M’s priorities seem to have shifted over the past decade or so. Even during the time of cars like the E92 M3, it seemed BMW M was all about the sensory experience. It wanted…

See The 2022 BMW M4 xDrive Lap The Nurburgring In Onboard Video

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TEST DRIVE: 2022 BMW M3 / M4 Competition xDrive

BMW’s Test Fest is always an exciting event, allowing us to test the full lineup of new BMWs in just one day, on both road and track, in the always-beautiful Palm Springs, California. Some years…

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BMW M4 xDrive | How Does It Handle On Track?

BMW PRO Driver Bill Auberlen takes us around the track in the all-new BMW M4 xDrive all-wheel drive. The race track of choice today is the Thermal Club in Palm Springs, California. Bill goes for…

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The highly awaited BMW M4 xDrive all-wheel drive vs. BMW M4 rear-wheel drive drag race! We got the new 2022 BMW M4 xDrive going head-to-head with the RWD BMW M4 at the Thermal Club in…