Tech-nerds associate “i7” with Intel’s flagship processor, but for us car enthusiasts, the alphanumeric moniker is all about BMW’s flagship EV. Less than 48 hours before its big debut, the 7 Series G70 without a combustion engine is back in a new teaser video to ease the wait. Published on Facebook by the BMW Group, the 15-second clip shows the big grille’s illuminated contour, but that’s not all.

We can also catch a glimpse of the daytime running lights with their optional crystal elements. The “E” letter at the end of the license plate denotes we’re dealing with an electric vehicle. As with other previews, the interior shots focus on the intricate ambient lighting behind the faceted glass décor. Once again, we get to see the retractable 31-inch, 8K display for the rear-seat entertainment system.

While the video itself is more of the same, the description attached to the Facebook post contains some valuable information. BMW reveals the i7 will have a range of 590 to 625 kilometers (367 to 388 miles) per WLTP. Although preliminary, these figures provide an idea of how far the EV will travel on a single charge.

The US-Spec BMW i7 Has Been Rated At Up To 521 Kilometers (324 Miles)

Although the WLTP standard is significantly more realistic than the NEDC cycle it replaced, EPA’s ratings are generally considered to be closer to the actual figures. As listed on the BMW USA website, the i7 for North America is estimated to cover 324 miles (521 kilometers). Final numbers will arrive at a later date, but we’d wager range anxiety shouldn’t be much of an issue.

We are cautiously optimistic about how the 2023 BMW 7 Series / i7 will look on the outside. If the iX’s interior is any indication, the sedan’s cabin is shaping up to be a real stunner. When it goes on sale later this year, Bavaria’s range topper will get a new family of Euro 7-compliant combustion engines, plus at least one PHEV setup.

Source: BMW Group / Facebook