BMW is no stranger to using crystal inside its cars. If you pay extra, some of the high-end models can be had with the shift knob and iDrive controller with a gorgeous crystal look. In addition, the volume knob and start/stop button adopt a similar high-end appearance to class up the cabin. With the upcoming i7, the Bavarian marque will take things to a new level by putting crystal outside of the car.

Indeed, the electric luxobarge will have crystal light elements embedded into the headlights. Much like the illuminated grille, BMW refers to the swanky lights as having an Iconic Glow. Marketing jargon aside, these crystal headlights are obviously going to cost extra. The optional feature is billed as being made from the “highest-quality crystal glass.”

By headlights, we only mean the upper strip reserved for the daytime running lights. These are separate from the low/high beams to echo the Concept XM. The production-ready SUV will have the same look, along with the regular 7 Series G70 and the X7 LCI. For the i7, BMW has a “unique lighting concept” by combining the fancy DRLs with the kidney grille’s illuminated contour.

Love It Or Loathe It, The Split Headlight Setup Is Coming

The main low and high beams will be positioned below the daytime running lights as an individual lighting module. BMW will make them less visible by installing a heavily tinted panel surrounded by a glossy black section of the bumper. During the day and from afar, we have a feeling the i7 will give the impression it’ll only have those upper crystal lights.

Of course, the gasoline- and diesel-fueled 7 Series should offer the same look. The conventionally powered luxury sedan should look nearly the same as the EV. Both will ride on the CLAR platform and largely share the design. Think of the X3 and iX3 to get an idea of how the two will be related to one another. It’ll be the same story with the forthcoming X1 and iX1 as well as next year’s 5 Series and i5.

Source: BMW