According to some generally reliable inside information, the next 2023 BMW X5 Facelift and X6 Facelift could be a huge one. Apparently, the lifecycle impulse will bump up the base BMW X5 xDrive40i output to 370 horsepower, which would make the X5 its class leader in horsepower at entry level. The current hybrid BMW X5 xDrive45e will get increased even further to 480 horsepower, borrowing the hybrid drivetrain from the next-generation 7 Series hybrid. One can infer an increase in electric-only range too, extending the already practical 31 mile range.

But some of the most interesting news comes in the form of the dropping of the M50i designation, to be replaced by the “M60i”. And this is accompanied by an engine change too – switching over to the twin-turbocharged S68 that will allegedly also be shared by the next generation M5, X5 M, and X6 M. This will mark the first time in recent memory that BMW puts an S-Series engine (usually reserved for full-blown M cars) into a non-M offering.

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The information continues to mention that there will not actually be a power increase; that the S68 will be rated at the same 523 horsepower and 553 pound-feet as the N63 it’s replacing. Also mentioned is of course the hybrid system that will “increase actual real life performance”. Whatever that means. Either way, it’s huge news and promises another exciting offering in the X5 lineup.

Other small changes in the X5 and X6 include the M Sport Package which might become standard on the X6, something I don’t think anyone is upset about. The BMW X5 Facelift also receives the illuminated kidney grill like the X6. Ambient air will be offered (like on the 7 Series), and acoustic glass makes a return as “acoustic glazing”. Lastly, the next evolution of BMW’s driver assistance tech will be offered, currently dubbed “Motorway Assistant”. All of these changes point towards moving the X5 and X6 even further upmarket, and I suspect the MSRPs will reflect that as well.

It’s the production date that some insiders can’t agree on. Some point to the BMW X5 / X6 production kicking off this fall while others mention an April 2023 production date. Regardless of the date, the newest 2023 BMW X5 and X6 are still quite some time away. But all of these changes seem to point towards them being well worth the wait, and even worth a possibly steep increase in price. It will be interesting to watch the X5 and X6 LCI news evolve – especially with the S68 powertrain being thrown into the mix.

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