The first Nürburgring test session of 2022 has officially commenced and BMW is at the Green Hell with the M2. The G87 is still fully draped in camouflage, but the disguise seems a bit thinner to reveal some of the design details. If you think the M240i isn’t aggressive enough, the fully fledged M model will address that with larger (and rectangular) air intakes at the corners of the bumpers.

It’s easy to see the front bumper has been subjected to additional changes over the M Performance model to accommodate new vents. In addition, the look of the kidney grille has been changed for the M2 since it has horizontal slats. We are not entirely sure, but the G87 prototype gives the impression it’s hiding reshaped headlights.

The high-performance coupe sounds absolutely glorious when it’s being pushed hard through the many corners of the Green Hell. The G87 looks as if it’s glued to the road and has fat exhaust tips suggesting it’s the Competition version. Interestingly, the trunk lid spoiler seems to be sourced from the M240i, unless that will change for the production model.

The BMW M2 G87 Is Getting The iDrive 8

If you pause the video at the right time, you can see the dashboard pillars upon which the dual screens are standing. Yes, the M2 G87 will have the iDrive 8 even though the lesser 2 Series Coupe models are stuck with the previous infotainment. We’ll admit it’s a bit unusual to have two generations of an infotainment within the same model line.

Eventually, the prototype headed back to BMW the M test center in Nürburg. The new M2 should be revealed in the latter half of the year. Around the same time, we’ll also see the M3 Touring and road-going XM. Before that, the M4 CSL debuts in May. Speaking of which, we hope BMW will give the G87 the Coupe Sport Lightweight treatment later in the life cycle.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube, Automotive Mike / YouTube