Love it or hate it, the new G82 BMW M4 is the most aggressive looking M3/M4 model in history. Its monster grilles, sleek headlights, hood bulges, and massive front air intakes all give it an angrier look than any of its predecessors. However, if it’s still not quite aggressive enough for you, 3D Design has you covered with some new aero parts.

This new aero package from 3D Design offers a new front lip spoiler, lower splitters, front bumper canards, lower side skirts, a rear diffuser, rear side trim, and a trunk spoiler. All of these new aero parts are made from carbon fiber, which makes them incredibly light but also high quality. As always with 3D Design, fitment and finish is exceptional.

It might seem like adding more aggression would be overkill for the BMW M4 but somehow it isn’t. In fact, the added aero actually sort of fits the angry nature of the M4’s styling. It also adds some much needed aggression at the back end of the car, where it’s a bit more reserved, which evens the visual balance out.

If you want some upgrades inside the car as well, 3D Design’s got you. Aluminum pedals, carbon fiber inserts in the steering wheel, as usual, new carbon fiber paddle shifters. Though, if I may make a personal recommendation, if you want to get 3D Design’s upgraded paddle shifters, go with the aluminum ones, as the standard BMW M4 paddles are already carbon fiber. But 3D Design’s aluminum ones are superb and will feel drastically different (see: better) than the stock ones.

Very few people have seen the BMW M4 and thought “I like it but it’s just too reserved.” However, for those of you who want a bit of extra ferocity from their two-door M car, 3D Design’s aero parts are great options.