Very few enthusiasts have seen the G82 BMW M4 and thought: “It’s nice but it’s just not aggressive enough looking.” The new M4, with its massive grille, sharp headlights, hood bulges, and flared wheel arches, is one of the most aggressive looking cars BMW’s ever made, for better or worse. However, if you’re one of those few enthusiasts who find it too boring in its stock form, BMW has some M Performance parts to sell you.

This photo gallery shows off a BMW M4 Competition with a suite of M Performance Parts, as well as a unique livery, to make it far more flamboyant than the standard car. Just the aero bits alone add a ton of visual aggression; the front splitter, canards, rear diffuser, rear wing, and side skirts all make it look like it’s trying to be a GT4 car.

Then, there’s the livery. The car itself is white but there’s a black and M-stripe livery that gives it a sort of two-tone look, further cranking up the aggression levels. That livery combines with black wheels, red brake calipers, and carbon fiber trim to create a very contrasty look on top of the white paint.

From the factory, the BMW M4 is quite the controversial car. Most of the comments we hear and read about the BMW M4, from both BMW fans and car enthusiasts in general, are negative, mostly due to the grille. However, some enthusiasts are starting to come around to the M4’s styling and find it charming. Would those customers like its looks cranked up to eleven, such as this specific M4? I’m not so sure but one thing’s for certain, no one will ever call it boring.


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