Would you trust your highly tuned, 600 horsepower BMW M2 with someone else on the Nürburgring? That’s exactly what this owner did, as he let Misha Charoudin take his 600 horsepower Pure Turbo-tuned BMW M2 Competition onto the ‘Ring for a hot lap and it proves just how powerful the M2 can become.

This BMW M2 was given new turbos, a new inlet pipe, a custom tune, KW springs, upgraded brakes, and some subtle aerodynamics. So it’s quite comprehensively tuned but none of it is overly invasive — no one changed any internals — and it’s still capable of putting out 510 wheel horsepower (600 at the crank). That’s a ton of power for just two rear wheels to handle, even if they are wrapped in ultra-sticky tires.

And yet, the BMW M2 handled the ‘Ring with ease. It put its power down extremely well, surprisingly so for the typically tail-happy M2, and proved to be seriously fast. With Charoudin behind the wheel, the tuned M2 was a monster on track.

It’s also funny watching its owner’s face during the beginning of the lap. Clearly, he’d never let anyone else drive his car on track before, so he was visibly nervous, constantly glancing at the speedometer with widened eyes. Admittedly, Charoudin was hammering it and seemingly didn’t hold back at all, which likely made the owner even more nervous. However, Charoudin has more Nürburgring experience than any journalist or YouTuber could dream of, so he’s honed his skills well and knows the track like the back of his hand.

If you have a BMW M2 Competition and are thinking about tuning it, this video will likely give you some optimism about not only how powerful it can become but how capable on track it will be. The M2 is known as a rowdy car, one that gets overly tail-happy with added power but that’s clearly not the case. If you’re apprehensive about tuning your M2 for that reason, fear not and tune away.