Without question, the BMW iX is the quirkiest car from the Bavarian brand since the i3. Everything from its looks, to its cabin, to many of its unique features feels different from every other BMW on sale. Some of that is good, some of it is bad. But is there enough substance in the iX to make it a great BMW?

In this new video from The Straight Pipes, we get to see the new BMW iX xDrive50, as they dive deep in to its design, its features, and its driving dynamics.

The BMW iX xDrive50 is the only version of the iX on sale right in North America at the moment, though there is an xDrive40 and an M60 model on the way. The iX xDrive50 uses two electric motors, one at each axle, to make 516 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque. Its 105 kWh battery pack gives it a max range of 323 miles (521 km). On paper, that’s all very promising. But what’s it actually like on the road?

Both hosts of The Straight Pipes seem to like a lot about the iX but also dislike a lot about it. One of their biggest issues is the exterior but not necessarily its design (though, the don’t love that either). Instead, it’s with the door panel surfacing. The reflections on the BMW iX are horrid, as if the door panels were tenderized with a mallet before being painted. Light reflections should be straight and smooth, not wavy and dimply. Frankly, that’s unacceptable from any BMW, never mind one that costs nearly six figures

However, it does drive surprisingly well and they’re even able to coax some oversteer out of it through some twisty corners. It’s not exactly a canyon carver but it’s more fun to drive than its size and weight would suggest. It’s quick, too.

Overall, though, they do have several issues with the BMW iX, so watch the video below to see what they think.