A few weeks back, Vorsteiner released a new grille insert for the G80 BMW M3 and G82 M4 that attempts to lessen the visual impact of their massive grilles. This specific BMW M3 competition tuned by PSI gets this new grille, along with some other visual upgrades; including an aero kit, new wheels, and a very vibrant Ruby Star exterior color.

Aside from the eye-catching color, the main focal point here is the new grille. BMW’s new kidney grille design has found no shortage of criticism since its debut, so any attempt to fix or change it will pique the interest of enthusiasts, even those that actually like the grille. What this Vorsteiner insert does is bisect the grilles, horizontally, with what looks like a large bumper bar, and keeps your focus on the top section of the grille. It does so by adding a horizontal grille slat in the upper section but none in the lower section. That sort of makes the lower section look like another air intake in the bumper.

Does this work well enough? Sort of. Obviously, the kidney grille shape is still there and we’ve all become so accustomed to it that it’s hard to unsee. But the horizontal bar in the middle of the grilles does help. The new Vorsteiner grille is one piece but visually split into two sections; and upper and a lower. Those sections are bisected by a large horizontal bar, which looks like a bumper bar that you’d typically put a license plate on. Not only does that bisect the grille; which lessens the visual impact of its size, but it also gives the car a more sensible place to put said license plate. It also leaves the bottom section of the grille empty, free of any grille slats, which makes it look more like front bumper air intakes, rather than a grille.

Aside from that, the Ruby Star color sure is eye-catching and the color-matched Thule roof box is a nice touch. The vibrant reddish/pinkish color works well with the carbon fiber accents and black Rays wheels. Overall, this is a pretty killer looking BMW M3 Competition, one whose new color and upgraded grille insert will separate it from every other M3 on the road.

[Photos by Precision Sport Industries and klapped.media]