With Individual paint jobs introduced for the 1 Series and 2 GC, BMW has never had such a vast color palette. To illustrate the vast array of hues available, a dealer from the UK has gathered 15 cars. In fact, there are no two models in the same shade, prompting the dealer to ask whether this is the biggest-ever lineup of vehicles featuring special shades.

Dick Lovett BMW skipped the lowly compact hatchback and four-door coupe to focus on bigger and more expensive cars. The first of the bunch is an X3 M40i finished in the attractive Malachite Green Individual paint. It’s joined by the larger X5 in the 45e plug-in hybrid spec wearing a Marina Bay Blue coat. A more striking SUV is the X6 M in Java Green alongside a somewhat subdued X5 M in Dark Frozen Silver. Rounding of the SUV category is the big-boy X7 40d in yet another green color, Verde Ermes.

If sport utility vehicles are not your cup of tea, a lovely M8 Gran Coupe is showcased in Deep Green. Perhaps the most desirable car of the lot is the limited-run M5 CS in Frozen Deep Green with gold accents. That said, the M550i Sedan Boston sitting nearby is also quite fetching.

BMW Skittles Edition

Should BMW with two fewer doors tickle your fancy, there’s a pair of M4 Competition Coupes – one in Frozen Dark Gray and the other in the sublime Purple Silk color. As for the most eye-popping of the lot, that would definitely have to be the M8 Competition Coupe in Ceylon Gold. The only convertible in the collection is an M440i Riviera Blue. Finally, the M440i Coupe is dressed to impress in Rosso Corsa.

It’s difficult to pick a favorite since it depends not just on the color itself, but also on the car. That said, if we were to choose, we would probably go for the M550i in Purple Silk.

[Source: DickLovettGroup / YouTube] [Top Photos: BMW Group Middle East]