If you have a soft spot for artsy videos featuring cars, we have just the right footage for you. Shot during the late hours of the day, this BMW M4 G82 might make you forget about its XXL kidneys. Featured here, the hotter Competition model roams the streets of Riga, Latvia’s largest city and its capital. For a greater visual impact, the man with the camera recorded the video while it was raining.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but we truly believe this M4 G82 shot by Hlevitsky Films looks sharp once you get past the oversized grille. We are also quite fond of the Brooklyn Grey shade since it works well with the carbon fiber accents. That said, black wheels on an M4 G82 are not our cup of tea, but to each his own.

BMW can make the latest-generation M4 look substantially more aggressive than this courtesy of various M Performance upgrades. Perhaps the most striking of them all is the centrally mounted exhaust system, although the big rear wing is also an eye-grabbing feature. The M division will take the sports coupe to the next level soon with the long-awaited CSL revival.

The Coupe Sport Lightweight will be even more daring in terms of design by featuring a more aggressive body kit for better aero and improved cooling. BMW will follow up on the two-seater M4 G82 with the CS in 2023. Additional special editions could also arrive after the LCI. The M3/M4 portfolio has already blossomed compared to its predecessor by offering xDrive for the first time. BMW will expand the lineup furthermore before the end of 2022 with the long-awaited M3 Touring.

In the meantime, videos like this one put the M4 G82 in a good light when it comes to aesthetics. The M division had a great 2021 in terms of sales, so perhaps the grille isn’t such a big issue after all.

[Source: Hlevitsky Films / YouTube]