BMW’s first ever Sports Activity Coupe will get a design and tech refresh in 2023. The BMW X6 Facelift (LCI) is rumored to enter production in April, 2023, alongside the BMW X5 Facelift. Several prototypes were already spotted on the road which triggered new rendering exercises from digital artists. This latest BMW X6 LCI render comes from who shared with us their latest work. As always, take these renderings with a grain of salt since they are simply based on rumors and test prototypes.

This particular rendering shows a different style of kidneys, with a mesh grille and reshaped outer edges. The headlights are also slimmer and sleeker, while the M Sport Package has also been restyled. Visually, we don’t expect the X6 LCI to go through significant changes, considering how well it was received along with its X5 brother. Most of the changes are expected to take place inside the car.

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Previous spy photos and rumor point to a large curved display, similar to the BMW i4 and iX. Furthermore, the new X6 facelift will likely also lose its current stylish electronic gear shifter in favor of the minimalistic selector seen on the I20, that will also spawn across other future models of the family such as G09 X8, G26 i4, upcoming G05 X5 LCI, G70/71 7 Series, U06 2 Series and U11 X1. Insiders also talk about new tech and options, like the Ambient Air and Acoustic Glazing, and of course, the illuminated kidney grille with a mesh design.

The LCI X6 will also feature BMW’s brand new Operating System infotainment system previewed on the iX and yes, the iconic iDrive knob is here to stay as part of the new, integrated operating concept. In terms of engine lineup, we expect to see a tweak to the current four and six-cylinder units. A B58 refresh has been rumored for a while. With a production schedule set for Spring 2023, we expect BMW to unveil the facelifted X5 and X6 either late this year or early into the next one.

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