Playing in the snow with a rear-wheel drive sports car is always among the most fun things a car enthusiast can do. As long as it’s done safely, of course. In this new video from Tedward, we get to see just that, as he slides his E92 BMW M3 around some snowy New England roads.

As with all Tedward videos, this is shot from his POV, so we get to see what he sees as he slides his M3 through some snow. Traditional thinking would tell you that a 414 horsepower, V8-powered, rear-wheel drive BMW M3 is the last sort of car you want to drive in the snow, car enthusiast thinking tells you it’s the best car to drive in the snow. With a few conditions. One, don’t act like an idiot. Two, have winter tires equipped. If both boxes are checked, your M3 could be a blast when the road gets powdery.

What’s great about snow driving in a rear-wheel drive car is that it teaches you car control at low speeds. Grip levels are low in the snow, so it’s easy to coax a sports car into a gentle slide at low speeds, allowing you to learn how to control a sliding car at a speed that’s manageable. In normal dry conditions, it would take incredibly dangerous speeds for public roads to get an E92 M3 to slide around like Tedward does in this video.

More importantly, though, it’s just a lot of fun. The most fun you’ll have in a sports car is right at the edge of its grip limits and the snow makes that easy and accessible. Especially in a car with great chassis balance, steering, and control, like the E92 BMW M3. Most parts of northern America are experiencing snow at the moment, so if you own a rear-drive Bimmer, watch this video to learn how to safely have fun when the weather gets slippery.