While some people choose to put their rear-wheel-drive cars in a garage after the first snowflake hits the road, others are more than eager to take their tail-happy vehicles out for a ride. Such is the case with YouTuber Tedward and his BMW M3 from the E92 generation. Fitted with winter tires, the performance coupe can be a real hoot if you know what you’re doing behind the wheel.

Let’s admit that it’s fairly easy to get carried away and drive recklessly on a slippery surface, especially if you’re driving a V8 sports car with over 400 horsepower. In the attached video shot in New England, the final M3 Coupe (before the M4 took over) proves to be a predictable car, but that’s mostly because the driver doesn’t get overly enthusiastic with the accelerator pedal.

A snowy road can prove to be a valuable driving lesson by learning more about car control and how it behaves on a less-than-ideal surface, especially if all the power is channeled only to the rear axle. Of course, an M3 might not be the ideal learning tool since it’s quite powerful and one might be tempted to push it too far.

The video goes to show you don’t necessarily need an AWD car during the cold season as long you’re going easy on the throttle and have a decent set of winter tires. Tedward certainly knows what he is doing and we agree with him about how driving lessons should include tackling slippery surfaces. When there’s not enough grip, things can go wrong terribly fast and you risk damaging your car and others, not to mention a worst-case scenario such as injuring someone.

Now that BMW is offering an M4 Coupe with xDrive for the first time, the car’s customer base is likely to grow since AWD gives that extra confidence some have been looking for. It’s also considerably quicker off the line than the RWD model, although you might feel the extra weight when going hard through corners. Also worth taking into consideration is the availability of a six-speed manual for the regular model whereas the all-paw M4 lacks the clutch pedal.

[Source: Tedward / YouTube]