Over the last decades, and even more recently, BMW and Porsche have been competing in a wide range of segments. Today we’re checking out the BMW M240i xDrive going up against the Porsche Cayman 718. This is a match-up a lot of customers have been waiting for. The guys from Auto Bild took them to the track to test them and see exactly which is best, because they do have sportiness in their DNA. After all, including the M letter in the model name does come with a cost. As for the Porsche, the crest on the hood will always mean something and raise the expectations pretty high. There are some important differences at play here though and we should go over them before picking a certain car.

The BMW has a straight six engine under the hood, while the Cayman uses a four-cylinder. The main advantage the Cayman has is that its ‘beating heart’ is a flat four and is positioned in the back, giving the car a bit more balance. At the same time, that positioning eliminates the rear seats, making the BMW a lot more practical. There’s also a power difference, the BMW having some extra 74 ponies compared to the 300 hp in the Cayman

Overall though, since the Porsche is lighter, the lap times the cars set were dangerously close. The BMW crossed the finish line in 1:34.52 while the Porsche did it in 1:34.18. That’s the blink of an eye. However, according to the guys from Auto Bild, taking everything into consideration, the BMW M240i is the better choice overall, if you’re looking for a more complete package. While the Cayman might be marginally faster on the track, the BMW is faster in a straight line and offers a lot more practicality overall.