2020 brought forward one of the biggest and most important collaborations BMW has ever done: The KITH M4. The project, which included both apparel and cars, teamed up BMW M with Kith owner Ronnie Fieg to develop a Kith-branded BMW M4. The NYC-based luxury company built a name for itself as one of the top streetwear/lifestyle brands in the world. So when BMW came knocking for an apparel collection branded with BMW M x KITH, Fieg wanted to expand that to cars as well.

We’ve known Ronnie Fieg for a few years now and over time we’ve learned about his passion for BMW classic cars. Among many BMWs – allegedly he has six of them – Fieg also owns iconic-ones like the E30 M3. Furthermore, he’s apparently working on restoring an E31 835CSi as well. In a recent podcast with Complex, Fieg opened up about his passion for the brand and how the collaboration came to fruition. He also shared an interesting tidbit: the 150 BMW M4 x KITH cars sold out in a record 11 minutes.

Fieg’s E30 M3 received a full restoration from BMW Classic and been given a bit of a Kith treatment. So it has Kith logos embossed in the leather, on the door panels and even Kith-inspired BMW Roundels on both the hood and the trunk. There’s also a unique BMW M-inspired “Kith” logo on the back. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the M4 collaboration car received a similar treatment. As far as we know, it’s also the first time that the BMW design team worked with a third-party to modify the iconic BMW roundel. The BMW M-inspired Kith emblem also adorns the trunk lid, furthering its relationship with Fieg’s E30.

Part of the car collaboration, Fieg also received a one-off G82 M4 which was made to match his E30 M3. It was painted in Cinnabar Red on the outside and with “Kith” embossed in the headrests and the center armrest. The headrests also feature illuminated “Kith” logos, replacing the typical “///M” logos. The “regular” Kith M4s were available in three frozen color: Frozen Black, Frozen Brilliant White and Frozen Dark Silver. There was an optional carbon fiber roof with a massive “Kith” logo, again with M-colored stripes.

Photo by @bmwnyc and @bmwusa on Instagram

The 150 models entered production in July, 2021 with an asking price of $109,250. Unfortunately, the Complex folks deviated from the topic at some point, even though Fieg seemed to have a lot more BMW stories to share. Hopefully in the near future we can have him on our podcast to share more about his passion about the BMW brand and what the future might bring.