Even though the Rolls-Royce Dawn has been around for quite some time now, it looks like the guys from Carwow definitely took their time to get to reviewing it. The time has come though, and the posh, luxurious drop top from Goodwood is now being reviewed by the one and only Mat Watson.

So, what does the Dawn bring to the table? First of all, a unique position in the range. That’s because Dawn is the only drop top you can still buy from Rolls-Royce. As many people suspect already, the Dawn is built atop the same platform as the Wraith, these being the only remaining models in the Rolls-Royce range that are not riding on the new Architecture of Luxury. Cars like Phantom, Cullinan and now Ghost are already riding on the newer platform.

Even so, according to Rolls-Royce, Dawn has 80 percent of its body panels unique to it, compared to Wraith. Does it look good? According to Mat, it does and if you’re lucky enough to see one on public roads, you’ll instantly notice just how much presence it has on the road. Another interesting detail is that the Dawn, in Black Badge guise, has real tailpipes, six of them to be more precise, three on each side of the car.

Inside the cabin, the quality is second to none, according to Mat. Everything feels impeccable to the touch and there’s just nothing to criticize. Even the room is enough, including in the back, where convertibles of all sizes typically have issues. Not in the Dawn though, you even get heated seats in the back. The driving part will be the most important though and Mat does paint a very detailed picture about how glorious it is to go sightseeing in a Dawn.  Just check the video to see for yourself.

[Source: carwow]