The BMW X7 proved to be a better success story than many anticipated. When the car was first unveiled, many claimed that it was going to be a sales flop, considering its size. Nevertheless, the 7-seater SUV proved everyone wrong and showed that there is room for a full-size SUV in the BMW line-up. Now, the X7 is getting ready for a facelift and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty big one too.

We’ve seen some spyshots of the new car online last week, showing what may be a completely new front end. This would be a bit atypical from BMW, a company that doesn’t really change its cars drastically if they are even moderately successful, like the X7 was and still is. And yet, those spy shots show a really complicated front end and with a new design for the headlamps.

2022 bmw x7 facelift rendered with twin headlights huge kidney grille 152314 1 830x623

Judging by the prototypes we’ve seen, it looks like we’ll get a split headlamp design, with daytime running lights at the top and the main beams at the bottom, just like you see in this rendering from our friends over at Kolesa. This may be just a rough sketch but it does seem to fit the bill. Sure, the heavy camo on the test vehicles doing the rounds on German streets right now does a great job at hiding the massive front end, but we can still make out a couple of details.

Whether this is what the new X7 going to look like remains to be seen. We actually like how the current model looks and would hate to see it change this drastically. Then again, maybe the final product will look a lot better than this rendering – and there’s a big chance that’s going to happen – and we’ll change our mind when we see the real deal.