When it comes to performance cars, there always seems to be a new version around the corner. That holds true for the BMW M4 as the initial rear-wheel-drive version was shortly followed by the xDrive-equipped model. Bavaria is now looking to spice up the lineup with a yet-to-be-confirmed return of the fabled CSL badge.

Prototypes of the modern-day Coupe Sport Lightweight have been spotted repeatedly racking up the miles at the Nürburgring, and this new six-minute video is perhaps the most exciting thus far. The main focus is on several test vehicles of the alleged M4 CSL being pushed hard through the corners of the Green Hell, but at the 1:48 mark, we can also catch a glimpse of another exciting M product – the first-ever M3 Touring.

But it’s the M4 CSL we’re here to talk about today, watching it as it carves corners of what is certainly one of the most challenging race tracks in the world. It appears to have a more ferocious soundtrack pumped through the quad exhaust, suggesting some tweaks to the inline-six engine to make it even more pleasant to the ears.

BMW’s engineers will reportedly massage the S58 engine to squeeze out roughly 550 horsepower, which would represent a healthy improvement of nearly 50 hp over the already potent M4 Competition. In order to live up to that L letter in its CSL badge, the performance coupe will likely go through a diet and shave off fat by making more generous use of carbon fiber while yanking out some of the sound-deadening materials.

Some design tweaks are also planned, and even though these prototypes are partially camouflaged, we can already see the cutouts in the front bumper for the beefier air intakes. A few of the test vehicles boast a new design pattern for the kidney grille while retaining the same love/hate shape and size shared with the M4 and M3.

We’ve heard through the grapevine the CSL won’t be a permanent trim level positioned above the Competition as it might end up as a limited-run affair. BMW is apparently making only 1,000 examples to keep the M4 CSL exclusive and justify what will definitely be a significant premium over the lesser versions.

It’s better not to hold your breath for a clutch pedal as the coupe’s spicy flavor is reportedly coming only in automatic form, sending power to the rear wheels since BMW isn’t planning an AWD derivative. Production is said to commence in July 2022, which would imply an official reveal early next year. It could be followed in 2023 by an M4 CS (and an M3 CS) to slot between the Competition and the CSL.

[Source: Automotive Mike / YouTube]