Every day, it gets closer and closer to reality — a genuine BMW M3 Touring is going to hit the market. Fans and enthusiasts have been begging BMW for decades to build a proper long-roof M3 and it took until this year for the Bavarians to finally listen. Naturally, those same fans are quite excited. Which is why we’re also so excited to see this new spy video, showing off the BMW M3 Touring hitting the ‘Ring for a quick workout.

In the video, you can see the fully camouflaged M3 Touring from BMW “M Town” promotional videos doing some laps. It looks every bit as quick and as fun as the M3 Competition sedan, itself a brilliant driver’s car. What’s interesting about that is the fact that the M3 Touring will be all-wheel drive, Competition-spec only. No rear-wheel drive or manual variants will be available for the wagon. So it will be interesting to see how it handles compared to the rear-drive sedans.

Rendering by instagram.com/magnus.concepts

To be honest, I actually think this new M3 will be better with xDrive all-wheel drive, as the added grip will allow for its full brutality to be utilized. As we saw in some recent videos, the BMW M3 and M4 can launch in first gear with xDrive, allowing them to be far quicker. Imagine how that same principle applies to corner exit on a tight road. No longer will the M3 or M4 frighten its driver.

When the BMW M3 Touring debuts, it’s going to be a massive hit. For the first time in history, BMW customers will be able to get a proper M3 that they can use as a family car, thanks to its wagon practicality. The few lucky owners that will get their hands on the M3 Touring will have one of the coolest everyday driving cars ever.

[Renderings by instagram.com/magnus.concepts and motor.es]