The new generation G82 BMW M4 is bound to get two additional variants in 2022 and 2023. Over the last few months there has been a lot of chatter around M4 prototypes which were spotted in Germany. The test mules featured slightly different bodykits so that has created some confusion. But today, we can report that we will indeed see a BMW M4 CS and M4 CSL within the next two years.


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The BMW M4 CSL G82 is the first to arrive in 2022 as the top model of the M3/M4 range. The easiest way to distinguish the CSL  from the CS model in those highly camouflaged prototypes is by looking at the rear end. The G82 M4 CSL features a ducktail spoiler.

The 2022 BMW M4 CSL will also introduce new M headlights, specific to the model, along with a choice between M bucket seats and racing seats. Furthermore, there will be plenty of weight-saving measures deployed and the CSL is expected to stay true to its name with a lightweight construction. To do that, a lot of carbon fiber will be used, nearly everywhere possible.

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We already know that the special version will come with the S58 engine under the hood, but the 3-liter straight six mill will apparently make 540 HP in the M4 CSL, a bump of 30 HP compared to the Competition model. That seems accurate, judging by what we’ve seen on other special edition models in the past, which also had small increases in power. The car will offer a rear-wheel drive setup.


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There hasn’t been as much chatter about the M4 CS as there has been for the M4 CSL. It will likely be a bit more affordable than the CSL and won’t be as sharp or as dynamic as the M4 CSL. But it will also be more comfortable. If the M2 CS and M5 CS are anything to go by, the M4 CS will be a proper weekend track car.

There aren’t any power figures that we can report on today, but we expect just a slight power bump over the M4 Competition along with a new software mapping for the engine, steering and throttle response. It will also feature an M Steptronic eight-speed automatic, bucket seats and plenty of carbon-fiber bits. New exclusive M headlamps will also be standard for the M4 CS. Both models will be limited in numbers.