We’ve seen the G80 BMW M3 in a lot of unique BMW Individual colors. However, this is the first time we’re seeing it in Aventurine Red. Typically, Aventurine Red is used on premium, luxurious cars. For example, I tested a BMW M550i wearing that very same shade of red. That’s where the color works best, though, on larger luxury cars. So how does it look on a high-performance sport sedan?

It looks pretty good, actually. It’s not as sporty looking as Toronto Red, or even some of the other colors the M3 comes available with, but it still looks good. It’s a deeper, more mature looking red than most others in BMW’s portfolio, and it gives the M3 Competition a more premium look. It has a calmer, more luxurious feel with Aventurine Red that some enthusiasts might appreciate more than some of BMW’s more flamboyant colors.

Photos by BMW NYC

Another interesting bit, it works to calm down some of the M3’s very aggressive styling. Enough has been said about the BMW M3 kidney grille, so I won’t go down that road again. However, its grille is outlandish and it visually dominates the front end of the car. Aventurine Red helps to hide it a bit and let it blend into the background. Obviously, nothing can hide that thing completely but the right color helps to shift the visual focus and this shade of red does just that.

On the inside, this Aventurine Red is paired with Kyalami Orange interior. It’s an interesting color combo that works surprisingly well. Kyalami is a great interior option for the M3 but it doesn’t pair super well with every exterior paint option. It pairs well here, though.

Color is an important factor for the M3’s looks. Some cars look good in any color. The BMW M3 is not one of them. If you’re going to buy one, be sure to really think about which color you get and genuinely consider getting a BMW Individual color like Aventurine Red.

[Photos by BMW of Manhattan]