When it comes to drag racing, some things are vital if you want to win. Among them you’ll find power and weight. Some might be tempted to say that all you need but we think grip is also very, very important. You could have all the power in the world, if you can’t put it down at all, it’s worthless. So, in that case, who would win between a BMW M2 CS and an F82 BMW M4 Competition, on the drag strip?

The answer would seem quite obvious, right? Since we’re talking about the F82 M4 model, the previous generation, the two cars going at it in the video below are actually using the same engine. That’s because the BMW M2 CS was given the M4 Competition‘s engine when it came out. It’s an upgraded version of the S55 3.0 liter straight-six mill that made its debut on the M3 and M4 when the Fxx generation first came out.

When it was time for the M2 to get a facelift, the old N55 engine was replaced by the S55 due to emission regulations. Of course, it was detuned, to make sure the lighter M2 wouldn’t overshadow the bigger and more expensive M3 and M4. However, when the M2 CS was announced, BMW confirmed it would get Competition-spec version of the engine. That would be the 444 horsepower (450 PS) version from the M4 Competition.

Therefore, the video below is of two cars with the exact same engine and gearbox (both of them seem to be sporting the seven-speed DCT automatic), going at it in a straight line on a closed track. The biggest difference is that the M2 CS is lighter than its bigger brother but not by that much overall, according to the official specs. Therefore, the winner shouldn’t be that hard to guess.