The first units of the KITH x BMW M4 collaboration are now hitting the U.S. shores. The first model landed in New York City earlier this week. The Frozen Dark Silver Metallic KITH x BMW M4 Competition belongs to KITH owner Ronnie Fieg and was delivered by BMW of Manhattan. The BMW M4 Competition x Kith is a 150 unit, limited-production car designed to coincide with Fieg’s own one-off M4. While the BMW M4 Competition x Kith is inspired by Fieg’s one-off M4 and E30 M3, it does have some differences.

Photos by @bmwnyc and @bmwusa on Instagram

For instance, the Roundel on the hood is unique, featuring an additional ring on the outside of the Roundel, colored in BMW M’s classic blue and red, with “Kith” lettering. This is an interesting touch because BMW has never modified its Roundel to accommodate another brand before but modifying logos is Kith’s specialty. Out back, replacing the “M4” logo is an M Division-inspired “Kith” logo, which features the classic M stripes.

Photos by @bmwnyc and @bmwusa on Instagram

Only three color options are available and they’re all frozen paint colors: Frozen Black, Frozen Brilliant White and Frozen Dark Silver. There’s an optional carbon fiber roof with a massive “Kith” logo, again with M-colored stripes, in case you’d like to showcase your special edition car to astronauts. Inside, black Competition seats with blue and red accents dominate the cabin. Those seats also feature “Kith” embossing in the headrests. The same embossing can also be found on the center arm rest and the M-colored “Kith” logo is seen on the center console, under the gear lever.

Only 150 models will be made and they went on sale this Summer, but sold as 2022 model year cars, with an asking price of $109,250.

[Photos by @bmwnyc and @bmwusa on Instagram]