Who doesn’t love a good ALPINA? As BMW fans, the quirky boutique manufacturer of specialized Bimmers holds an especially dear place in our hearts. While the cars have obviously changed quite a bit over the years, becoming a bit more luxurious and so monstrously powerful that they can even make their M Division counterparts feel inadequate. Regardless of the ALPINA, though, they’re all spectacular.

This new photo gallery from Top Gear is an ALPINA fan’s dream. In it, you get to see some incredible cars, even some that are extremely rare. For instance, there’s a fantastic ALPINA BMW Z1, a car that I honestly forgot existed until seeing this gallery. There’s also the always wonderful looking ALPINA Z8, which admittedly wasn’t as brilliant to drive as most other ALPINA models but looked sensational. Also, a rare an interesting BMW E9 ALPINA can be seen in the gallery as well and it’s killer.


My favorite, though, is the E36 ALPNIA B3 Touring because E36s are the fastest way to my heart. There’s something really perfect to my eye about the E36 Touring shape, so fitting it with ALPINA wheels (are there better wheels in the entire industry?) and the classic blue and gold livery and I’m completely sold. Whichever organs I need to sell to get one, they’re as good as gone. I also noticed an E36 ALPINA B3 Convertible, which made my brain happy, but it’s the Touring that I truly desire.

If you’re a BMW fan, you’re undoubtedly an ALPINA fan and some of the cars in this gallery are not only special but rare. It can be hard to find photos of some of these ultra-exclusive cars, never mind getting them all together in one gallery. Skim through it for quick dopamine hit and let us know which classic ALPINA is your favorite.

[Source: Top Gear] [Images by ALPINA]