The current BMW 3 Series model is one of the best selling products in the range of the Bavarian car maker. And that’s not surprising since the 3 Series has been the bread and butter of BMW for decades. But today, customers are looking for SUVs and crossovers more than ever. And that puts the sedan models in a tricky position. Nevertheless, the G20 3 Series is about to get the usual midcycle facelift.

Next year we will see the new iteration which will have subtle changes done to its exterior. Most customers and fans of the brand will agree that the 3er doesn’t need to change on the outside. Its design is still fresh and loved by many, so there’s really no need for massive alterations. However, the tech side of things might get a bit more attention. According to these latest spyshots (check them out here), it looks like the BMW 3 Series will be getting the new iDrive system introduced on the BMW iX.

That’s not necessarily news. We’ve been telling you recently that all BMW models will get this setup in the future. The BMW iX and BMW i4 are just the first two to adopt this new two-screen setup on the dashboard, but later on, every single new model will be featuring the same design and functionalities. As new versions roll out, so will the iDrive 8. On top of that, the car being tested here seems to be an M340i. That further confirms out report that straight six engines will not die out once the facelift comes around.

We will still get cars like the M340i and M340d as well as the 330d in the range, in both sedan and Touring guises. Some changes might take place though, as in the power output might be different, to keep the engines compliant with the latest emission regulations. However, right now, that’s just speculation. We’ll have to wait and see what the future brings.