If there is one thing certain in the automotive world is that every automaker is fast tracking their electric cars plans. And of course, BMW is one of them. Over the next few years, a wide range of BMW electric vehicles will arrive in global markets, starting with the BMW i4 and iX in early 2022. The electric duo will soon be accompanied by the first ever BMW i7 limousine and BMW i5 business sedan, and the all-electric BMW iX1 crossover.

Naturally, the M division is also planning their own range of plug-in hybrids and electric sportscars. Their plans are still a bit of a mystery, but one thing is almost certain: we will see an electrified M car by 2023. That model is likely to be the BMW XM (X8M) which will be built in Spartanburg.

But that’s just the beginning for the Motorsport brand. By 2030, and along with the electric-first platform Neue Klasse, BMW M will prepare a series of electric sportscars. One of those is rumored to be a BMW iM1. The rumor is hardly a surprise, considering that every single automaker is preparing sportscars with electric drivetrains.

The legendary M1 was BMW’s only supercar and it’s one of the most iconic cars in the world. And with the canceled Vision M Next Concept, there is certainly room for an electric sportscar in the BMW lineup. There is also the possibility of a compact sportscar based on the next generation 1 Series which almost certainly will be built on the Neue Klasse platform. While the current generation – and front-wheel drive – was skipped from their electric plans, the next will not.

So whether the name iM1 will be reserved for a high-end electric sportscar, or simply for an entry-level M electric model, remains to be seen. There is also a high level of probability that this is just a rumor without much substance behind it. But there is very little doubt that BMW M won’t go after every single profitable segment. Make it an i8 electric or a bespoke M sportscar, and we’ll start saving our money.