It’s quite interesting to see how a certain brand evolved over the years, isn’t it? That’s especially true if this is a long-standing brand, with some history behind it and if it tried to adapt to the new trends on the fly. Since we’re entering the electric era, MINI had to adapt to the times. Therefore, while it does still make insane JCW models, it can also deliver a fully electric car to your doorstep.

That gave the guys from TFL Car an idea for a new clip. The purpose of these drag races was to find out which model is best and they even have a classic Mini at hand to play with. This car made things even more interesting due to the fact that it’s a right-hand drive model and, thus, was a challenge for the young man behind the wheel. In all fairness, I too would’ve found driving and shifting gears with my left hand a bit odd.

The other three cars in this running cover difference facets of the MINI brand. There’s a modern-day JCW model fighting alongside a previous-generation JCW GP version. These two are expected to be the fastest cars here, as they both have over 200 HP. The JCW GP is lighter but it’s also a bit down on power. What’s interesting though is that both cars are manuals, so in a drag race, it’s not all about the specs of car, but the skill of the driver as well.

Last, but not least, the MINI Cooper SE is the electric side of things at play here. It only has one speed and it’s, of course, an automatic, but it’s also the heaviest car here and the only one that is unfazed by the altitude. Since it doesn’t have an internal combustion engine, it won’t be losing any power due to a lack of oxygen. So, who will win? Only one way to find out.