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MINI teases electric John Cooper Works Safety Car on Twitter

MINI started a teasing campaign yesterday with a very intriguing photo posted on Twitter. The post said “Feels like it’s time for a boost. Watch this space…” followed by the  #ElectricThrillMaximised hashtag for further confusion….

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MINI JCW GP is One of the Loudest Cars on Sale

Driving the MINI JCW GP for long distances can quickly become exhausting. What’s surprising about that is, for the most part, the GP is actually pretty easy to drive. Sure its suspension is uber-stiff but…

VIDEO: AC Schnitzer MINI JCW GP laps Sachsenring in 1:37.45

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Video: Toyota GR Yaris drag races MINI JCW GP

One of the most important cars launched in 2020 was, without a doubt, the Toyota GR Yaris. The high-performance Yaris was received extremely well and it was nearly crowned Car of the Year by the…

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VIDEO: Can the MINI JCW GP Handle Wet Weather?

The MINI JCW GP is an interesting car in that it has immense potential, is incredibly easy to like and yet also wildly frustrating. The JCW GP is the fastest, most powerful MINI ever made,…