The MINI JCW GP model is now in its third generation. Ever since the first one came out, it was pretty obvious that its main target was the die-hard enthusiast, someone who’s actually going to push it hard on track. The goal of these special edition versions is to showcase what can be done using the same platform as the regular MINI hatch that can be seen all around the world. In the case of the JCW GP versions, everything it taken to the next level, even compared to the already hardcore and yet simple John Cooper Works versions.

The guys from MotorWeek decided to take one for a spin and came back really impressed with the way it handled their tests. According to the video posted below, the JCW GP is an impressive model, especially when you pull out all the stops, cones and stopwatches. You can instantly recognize these cars thanks to their exterior design that is decorated with outrageously-sized aero bits. From the massive air intakes up front, to the CFRP add-ons on the fenders and the double-stack wing at the back, everything screams ‘look at me’.

Under the hood, the 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine makes over 300 horsepower, turning this hatch into the most powerful and fastest the British brand ever made. It also comes with a different set of wheels that are wider than usual, to put the power down, a move that forced the engineers and designers to come up with the flared fenders solution. But specs only tell you what you should be expecting. Does the MINI JCW GP deliver?

According to MotorWeek: yes. On their test track, the car proved to be agile, with sharp and accurate steering. There’s a slight hint of understeer but a tremendous amount of grip. That said, it’s obviously more capable than any other MINI but not necessarily more fun. That’s because it takes some work to squeeze everything out of this package and that may not be for everyone.