The next generation BMW 7 Series will be arguably one of the most interesting cars to come out before 2025. The project kicked off in 2017 under the tenure of Jozef Kaban, the BMW Chief Designer at the time. During an interview, shortly after taking over the design duties at BMW, Kaban told us that the next generation 7 Series will depart from the safe design of the Fxx lineup and venture into a new world.

Fast forward a few years later and Kaban is now back at the VW Group and the BMW design team is led by Domagoj Dukec. So it’s unclear at the moment what kind of influence Dukec had on the design of the new 7 Series, but one thing is clear though: Based on recent spy photos, this new limousine will certainly stand out. The current generation 7 Series has gone through one of the biggest facelifts in BMW history. Long gone was the safe and evolutionary design, and in was the bold and large kidney grille. So it’s only fitted that the new 7 Series will continue down this path of boldness and daring designs.

Split headlights, a revised kidney grill even bigger in size, a more rectangular body shaping and some classic, BMW old-school design traits are on the menu for the new 7 Series family generation launching in 2023. Yet, the idea behind the 7 Series design has always been the same: a combination of luxury, sportiness and sophistication. But with an extra trait this time around: higher tech than ever.

This new rendering from Ascariss Design is based on recent spy photos and incorporates some of the aforementioned design cues. Of course, there are always additional details hidden behind the camouflage or by the fake body panels, so the final product varies a bit. Yet, most of the rendering artists are a talented bunch and mastered quite well the digital camo removal. Therefore, their efforts allow us to get an “early look” at the exterior design.