A couple of days ago, I picked up the BMW M5 CS for a week-long test. I have to pinch myself virtually every time I look out of my window and see the Brands Hatch Grey monster sitting in my driveway. But because the M5 CS isn’t something that a lot of enthusiasts are going to see in person, I thought I’d give you all a bit of a closer look, to check out some of its details. In this walkaround video, I talk you through the exterior design, the interior design, its added power, and just a brief description of how it drives.

On the outside, the only real way to tell the M5 CS is, in fact, an M5 CS and not just a standard M5 with some gold wheels is its hood. The two large hood vents, trimmed in carbon fiber, immediately give it away. When you pop the fully carbon fiber hood, you can see that those vents are functional as well. This isn’t a Dodge Challenger, the M5 CS is the real deal. Also, underneath the carbon hood, you’ll find “M5 CS” written underneath. Cool.

The gold wheels are awesome, as are all the bronze accents throughout the exterior. There’s also a carbon fiber rear lip spoiler, a large carbon diffuser, new exhaust tips (which are a bit exaggerated but at least they’re real), and a carbon roof. But the best part about the exterior is the yellow headlights, which are absolutely killer.

Inside is where the magic happens, though. Not only does the BMW M5 CS get the same carbon fiber sport seats as the M4 (though, they’re trimmed in seemingly nicer leather in the M5 CS), it also gets sport seats in the back as well. BMW swapped out the traditional bench seat in favor of two sport buckets, which are absolutely awesome. Anyone with kids old enough to sit in the back without a child’s car seat will absolutely love this car because the rear seats are some of the coolest ever fitted to a production car. Even my nearly four year old son, who still needs a car seat, loves being in the back, simply because it looks cool.

The BMW M5 CS, so far, is an incredible machine, one that I can’t wait to go out and drive more. Now that I think about it, why am I sitting here talking to you? Go watch the video, I’m going for a drive.