Funny how time flies, especially when it comes to certain cars. Some models age fast, while others do so incredibly gracefully, but in the end, they all need a small design update. One of the cars that could be easily included in this latter category is the 8 Series. It has such a good design (dare I say the best in BMW’s current line-up?) that it looks as if it was launched just the other day, not three years ago.

As it is customary in Bavaria, when a car turns four, a facelift is applied to it, to ensure it remains relevant for the rest of its production cycle. Therefore, it’s time for the 8 Series range to go through it as well. We’ve already seen an earlier prototype of the LCI 8er back in May but now the car was spotted out testing once again, this time with a few interesting details. Especially on the inside.

BMW i4 interior

Starting this fall, some BMW models will get a completely new layout inside, along with a new infotainment system. You’ve already seen it on the i4 or iX and these will also be the first cars to feature the new setup. However, not all new models to be unveiled after this date will also get it. According to these new spy shots of the car (check them out here), the refreshed 8 Series seems to be wearing a new, bigger infotainment screen but the general layout of the dash remains unchanged. Most likely we’ll see a 12.3-inch display, close to what the 5 Series has on-board now, after it also got a facelift.

Other than that, the interior will remain largely the same. Some new materials and colors will be offered, along with maybe a new design for the seats. On the outside, the design changes should also be minimal, as the camo suggests. A few tweaks here and there, but no big changes are expected. That will also be the case under the hood, where some mild-hybrid setups are going to be implemented, and we could also see the 840d being pulled out of production, due to slow sales. The M850i will soldier on though, as will the 840i.