It should come as no surprise that the majority of car company stands at the upcoming 2021 IAA auto show in Munich will prioritize electric mobility and sustainability. It’s just the direction the automotive market is headed and automakers need to jump on board. Urban mobility will also be a big theme at IAA this year, which isn’t actually much of a change for MINI.

MINI will present itself at the 2021 IAA and it will emphasize urban mobility and sustainability. There will be a MINI Brand Hub on the Lenbachplatz in Munich, during the IAA and, according to MINI, it’s going to be the “place to be”. It will also use the motto #BIGLOVE, which is supposed to represent love for both the environment and your community. Peace and love, man.

On display will be the MINI Electric Pacesetter, the pace car for the current Formula E season, as well as the all-electric MINI Cooper SE and plug-in hybrid MINI Cooper SE Countryman ALL4. Also in attendance will be the MINI Vision Urbanaut concept car in the Open Space on the Max-Joseph-Platz.

This really shouldn’t come as a surprise, though. MINI has always been a brand built on the idea of urban mobility. The original Mini, more than half a century ago, was designed to be an affordable family car for the tight streets of London. Its compact size and nippy handling were what made it so popular back in the late ’50s, into the ’60s. Sophisticated urban mobility was the name of the game for the original car and it’s no different now.

The only difference between then and now is propulsion. Now, MINI is looking to prove itself as an electric brand, one that can not only provide easy, comfortable, and fun urban mobility, but sustainability as well. MINI’s visions for the future will be on display in Munich soon enough.