New spy photos of the 2023 BMW 7 Series allows us to take a closer look at BMW’s upcoming flagship luxury car. The test mule is still wearing a lot of camouflage, and even some fake body panels, but there are some interesting bits we can see. For instance, the kidney grilles are still fairly large, if not as large as the current model. Also at the front, we can see that the new 7 Series might actually have some sort of unique headlight setup.

The headlights you can see in these photos looks very much like a separate light from the actual headlight, simply because it lacks the iconic dual-halo design from every other BMW in history. So it’s possible there will be another headlight sitting above it, with such a design. Furthermore, the 2023 BMW 7 Series seems to sit lower, look sleeker, and more athletic than the current car. Thankfully, the new 7 Series also seems to have a more traditional Hofmeister kink than most of the cars in the current lineup.

Another interesting feature is the 7er’s new door handles. They’re completely flush, unlike the current handles, and seem to be entirely electronic. Rather than actually pulling on a physical handle, it seems that you place your hand inside the little door cavity and press a button, as there doesn’t seem to be any hinged piece there. Though, we’ll have to wait until the car is revealed to truly find out.

The rear-end is not shown here, but we expect to see a sleek design in the back with slimmer taillights and a very aggressive bumper. The exhaust tips will also get a new design interpretation to further differentiate the luxury sedan from the rest of the lineup.

This new 7 Series, along with its accompanying electric sibling, is going to be a fascinating car. It will mark the beginning of many new changes for BMW and we’re hoping that those changes are for the better.

[Photos: @chrisf87m2]