The BMW M division is run by a true petrolhead these days. Markus Flasch is certainly pushing the limits aiming to create new products for the devoted M community. Few executives have that burning passion for cars in their veins and even fewer actually can be seen competing aboard the cars they signed off on, like Flasch did on more than one occasion. Therefore, when a proposal for a return to the LMDh program was made, a lot hanged on the determination of one man.

In the video below, you can actually feel his emotions as he goes into a decisive meeting about the LMDh program. What’s even more interesting is that this meeting took place right after the Nurburgring 24-hour race, where Markus Flasch actually drove an M6 GT3. It’s even better to see his face once he realizes that he’s been given the go-ahead by the higher-ups in the BMW hierarchy and that he can put things in motion now.

BMW has been rather successful in LMDh racing before. Back in 1999, the German team even claimed its first victory at Le mans, a moment that will be forever stamped in time. The plan right now is to have a prototype ready to enter the 2023 competitions. The regulations for LMDh cars stipulate that they have both a combustion engine and an electric motor. While each manufacturer may develop their own combustion engine, the electric motor and battery, as well as the transmission, are standard parts.

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