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BMW LMDh project to skip the 2023 Le Mans race

In an interview with German media, BMW Motorsport boss Mike Krack confirmed that the new BMW LMDh project will apparently not start at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2023. Instead, the focus is…

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BMW partners up with Dallara for LMDh prototype racing

BMW’s future LMDh efforts are moving forward. Today, the BMW Motorsport division announced that the chassis for the two prototype cars will be produced in close collaboration with manufacturer Dallara. The first BMW LMDh race…

What is LMDh And What It Means for BMW?

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BMW LMDh prototype could still race in Le Mans

BMW took the racing world by surprise when announced earlier this month their return to the prototype racing series. The press release mentioned their plans to race in the LMDh class with an all-new hybrid…

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Rumor: BMW eyeing LMDh prototype racing

New rumors are going around that BMW is eyeing a new hypercar class. Audi and Porsche will race in the LMDh (Le Mans Daytona hybrid) category starting in 2023. Other automakers like Toyota, Peugeot and…