I’m pretty sure if anyone at Rolls-Royce HQ in Goodwood, during a meeting of any kind, uses the term “carbon fiber”, a Dr. Evil-like boss pulls a giant lever and the carbon fiber fan’s chair flips backward, sending them into a fire pit of doom. Rolls-Royce is not a brand that uses carbon fiber, fake aerodynamic body pieces, sporty exhausts, or black chrome bits. However, it seems as if Mansory bought a Rolls-Royce Ghost and add all the carbon fiber they wanted.

Like most car enthusiasts, I enjoy a good bit of customization. I think, if it’s your car, you should be able to do whatever you want with it. However, there are limits to everything and this Mansory Rolls-Royce Ghost is definitely pushing the limit – as we expect from them. It features an unpainted carbon fiber hood, a carbon fiber front splitter, a carbon fiber Pantheon grille replacement, some oddly placed vertical strip of carbon on the front fenders, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, quad rectangular exhaust tips, and fake carbon fiber aero bits at the back.

Don’t get me wrong, incongruity in the car world is funny. Taking a sophisticated car and adding some atypical flair is fun. But it takes a certain confidence to give one of the classiest vehicles in the world a lot of aero parts; like the splitter and diffuser. On top of that, the carbon fiber additions are mostly for show since they won’t save much weight off an already very heavy luxury car.

To be fair, most of the interior is fine. The bright orange and white color scheme isn’t all that outrageous and it’s actually surprisingly reserved, compared to the exterior. The steering wheel is shocking to say the least but at least the rest of it is fine.

Under the hood, an ECU tune bumps the 6.75 liter twin-turbo V12 to a whopping 750 horsepower, which should help justify the quad exhausts. It probably sounds epic, too. Still, it’s not as if the car’s going to be quick, being that it has the same density as a dying star.

What’s interesting about this is that Mansory did a Ghost awhile back and it was actually quite reserved. It was the sort of customization that works well on a car such as the Ghost; a cheeky poke at old world luxury. But this new one pushes the envelope more than ever. Yet, there are plenty of rich customers who love to be different, so this car might soon find a home. Somewhere in the world.