Despite being the baby Rolls, the all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost could actually be the brand’s best car. Due to it being the newest Roller, the Ghost gets the brand’s latest and greatest technology, with some new features that even the top-end Phantom doesn’t have. In a way, that sort of makes the Ghost the best new Rolls-Royce, even if it’s not as opulent as the Phantom or Cullinan. Being the best Rolls-Royce, is the Ghost actually the best luxury car of all? In this new review from Top Gear, we check out the new Rolls-Royce Ghost and why it’s so shockingly good.

For starters, it’s absurdly comfortable. Rolls-Royce realized that even its air suspension and Flagbearer system (which scans the road ahead of bumps and pre-loads the air suspension to handle them) can’t filter out some of the high-frequency bumps one might encounter. So it fitted a damper unit to the upper wishbones, to eliminate that last little bit of vibration through the suspension. That might seem like a small change but it’s one that makes a big difference.


Rolls also filtered out so much noise from the cabin that it actually became unsettling. So the engineering team had to fine tune the entire cabin, literally every piece of interior equipment, to one subtle frequency. Everything from the seat tracks to the trunk wall have been tuned as such, so as to create the most serene automotive interior environment possible.

Combine that interior refinement to its 6.75 liter twin-turbo V12, which oozes creamy torque like few other engines on the planet, and the Rolls-Royce Ghost is about as relaxing and effortless as it gets. As Top Gear mentions in the review, the new Ghost is one of those cars that actually makes you feel more relaxed after a long journey than you were before you started. That makes it the best luxury car in the world.

[Source: Top Gear]