Donuts are a wonderful things, aren’t they? Soft, sweet, and delicious, especially if you’re hungry. And yet, donuts can also be messy, full of smoke and fueled by dead dinosaurs. That’s right, we’re talking abut a different kind of donuts, the ones made by burning rubber and BMW M cars and bikes are brilliant at doing those. After all, there’s a reason why we’re still seeing very old BMW shells used for drift cars.

The guy from BMW M wanted to put together a special kind of donuts for us and got a bike and a car together for this purpose. Therefore, what you’re about to see is a collaboration between BMW, the car maker, and BMW Motorrad, the bike maker. And it’s all done for fun, in a controlled environment, by professionals, in case you were thinking of trying to replicate the actions portrayed in the video below.

The BMW M3 Competition was chosen because it can send all of its power to the rear wheels alone, something that will come in very handy when trying to do donuts. At the same time, the bike is a rather special one too. As we all know, bikes already send the power to the rear wheels exclusively, so that’s no surprise here, but the M 1000 RR, as the name suggests, comes with a specially tuned setup done by the people from BMW M. This is the first bike developed in collaboration with the Motorsport specialists.

So, what happened? Well, with 510 HP and over 200 respectively on the motorcycle, doing donuts is rather easy if you know how to handle a car/bike. As you can see in the video below, we ended up with a brilliant double donut, done just for fun. Crazy what kind of things get our blood flowing, huh?