The guys from Savagegeese have been known to be particularly critical in regards to BMW models and since the new M3 and M4 models are important for the Bavarian brand, seeing them review these cars is an interesting experience. On one hand, you’re hoping for a good outcome while on the other, you kind-of want to learn all the details nobody speaks of in other reviews. So, how do they feel about the new models?

It’s complicated but they enjoyed their character overall. The design is not for everyone and the debate is still on, at least online, regarding the massive grilles up front. However, just as the guys note, while you may not like the way they look, the massive grilles were apparently needed on the M3 and M4, to make sure the engine behind them gets enough air in order to get properly cooled. Looking under the car you’ll notice the numerous braces meant to make the whole car stiffer as well as various coolers.

The specs are widely known though by now so it will be more interesting to see how this car handles on the road and on the track, because the review includes both sides of the equation. For the former, the reviewers considered the ride proper, comfy enough for most situations, the atmosphere quiet and the power delivery smooth with the manual gearbox. They were also impressed by how well the M3 put the power down through the rear axle, despite having so much power and a manual gearbox in this combo.

As for the track session, some revelations occurred. While on the street, the M3 seemed like it could turn you into a hooligan with its power and RWD setup, on the track, the car felt a lot more composed and well behaved. Overall, the M3 and M4 proved to be incredibly well set up for the track. But there’s a lot more in the video and you should watch it if you’re curious about what a BMW critic has to say about the latest M technology.