With the facelift of the BMW X7 quickly approaching, test mules are going through the final testing stages. More and more BMW X7 LCI prototypes are spotted every week and all of them dropping their camo with each appearance. So by now, the test mules should be in the FEP (Final Evaluation Phase) which means no fake body panels or other visual tricks to misguide the press and spy photographers.

A new set of spy photos emerged over the weekend featuring the X7 Facelift wearing minimal camouflage, but enough to hide precious design cues. Yet one of them stands out: the split headlights. For months we’ve been hearing about a new approach to the iconic BMW lights, for both the X7 LCI and the new 7 Series, but we’re almost certainly heading towards this new interpretation.

Photo: @avarvarii on Instagram

The new headlights are also quite a bit lower on the face of the X7, sitting below the top of the wheel arches. The old headlights sit above the wheel arches. Not only that but the headlights seem a bit thicker than the outgoing car’s slimmer lamps. Out back, very little seems changed, though that’s sort of par for the course, with BMW LCI updates: the front end gets a big change and the back end barely changes at all. Not such a big deal for the X7, though, as its back end is probably its best angle.

We’re interested to see what sort of changes occur on the inside. The current BMW X7 is already among the most luxurious and high-tech cars in BMW’s stable. The only real way to update its tech would be to give it the same tech as the new BMW iX but we’re not sure if that would happen. If it does, then that could make the iX feel less special and less necessary. If it doesn’t, the more expensive X7 will feel dated compared to a cheaper model. So it will be interesting to see which direction BMW goes.

No official announcement on the X7 Facelift, but the first major show that could host the LCI debut is the upcoming IAA Munich event in September. More spy photos can be seen here.