Now that the BMW 8 Series moniker has been revived, people are clamoring at the chance of owning the original. That’s because of a number of reasons, but the funny thing is, before the 8er came back, the E31 generation was all but forgotten. Now that we have a new one on the car scene, people somehow are starting to remember all the cool stuff the original had on offer.

Prices for the E31 8 Series models have started to go up and that means you’ll have to pony up a pretty penny if you want one, no matter how old or how many miles it has. This particular model is a 1991 850i and it’s one of the oldest you can buy today. Even so, the mileage is more than decent, with the odometer figure rising to just 65,000. That’s because, according to the ad, the car has been sitting for about five years.

Images by BMW Romania

Any car owner probably knows that have a car sit for long periods of time is not exactly ideal, but the seller claims that several thousands of dollars were invested in the car to get it in good running order once again. The pictures show a good standing body, without major issues but a few minor scratches can be made out. The interior is beige and looks very well maintained, with a few creases here and there but, once again, very easy to live with.

Under the hood hides a 5-liter V12 engine that’s good for almost 300 HP and 332 lb-ft of torque. It’s mated to a 4-speed automatic gearbox which might take away some of the fun of driving this car. Nevertheless, for $21,850 this might just be a good buy. That’s not a lot of money for a BMW 850i with 65,000 and in good standing condition. If you’re in Las Vegas, where this car is located, you might just want to pop down and check it out.